Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful! Taking the Scare Out of Winter Driving

Winter driving

It seems that nature conspires against us in the Winter; we have parties to attend, gift exchanges, shopping, charitable events and a whole variety of places to go. With so many activities, we are always pressed for time during the holiday season…and then there’s the weather!

It’s best during November or just after Thanksgiving to have automotive shop do a winter inspection of your vehicle to keep you and your family safely on your way. Fresh fluids and filters for both the engine and the transmission will keep it running smoothly, and checking the battery and serpentine belt will help you keep from getting stranded in wet or snowy conditions. Your cooling system should be checked for leaks, and the coolant may be due for changing…every 2 years in mild climates, or every year in colder and hotter extremes. It’s also important to have all lighting checked as well, so others can see YOU. Brakes should be checked for wear and any signs of leaking fluid; and while the wheels are off your technician can check the condition of suspension bushings that, if worn or damaged, could lead to a loss of vehicle control.

Finish off your vehicle “winterizing” by replacing your windshield wipers (front and rear), and topping off the washer fluid tank with an alcohol-based fluid. In some areas, this is also the time to change to your snow tires so you can maintain control on those snowy days and nights. Finally, get a good coat of wax on your vehicle to protect the finish from the elements.

There’s no need to wait for Rudolph to appear!  Call us at (940) 382-8942 to schedule your Winter vehicle inspection today, because baby, it’s cold outside!